what do i have to say for myself???

I’ve always been pretty quiet… to some i might appear as not having much to say. I’ve been called aloof quite a few times and weird, maybe twice in my lifetime just because i don’t say much. i would probably be the last person in this world who, people would think, writes her thoughts in a blog…But i do have lots to say… about anything and everything under the sun… those who know me well, know that at times i do talk nonstop especially if i have a lot to say on the matter, or when I’ve had just the right amount of ALCOHOL in my system (hahaha)…. so i thought of finally getting myself a blog…. the perfect venue to air out my thoughts, SOBER or NOT, while still appearing as silent as i always am. the perfect way to go on and on about something that’s been on my mind without even opening my mouth. come to think of it, blogging is perfect for me… why didn’t i think of this sooner?